Basic Marketing Plan Outline

Attached is a basic outline of a Marketing Plan that can be utilized in the development of your working Marketing Plan. This basic outline can be customized as needed for your specific product or service; you can re-organize it as might be more informational for your business, you can add or delete sub-categories as needed. As long as these basic elements are included, your plan should cover all necessary information to help you in effectively marketing your product.

Please note that if it is your intention to utilize your Marketing Plan to help you obtain outside financing, it will need to include a 1-2 page Executive Summary at the beginning of the plan, as well as a Table of Contents (which you probably should include anyway just to keep things organized). You would also want to insure that you go into substantial detail on all elements of the plan and that it is very effectively researched if your financing will be dependent upon it.

If there are questions on the development of the Marketing Plan or the use of this outline, please put them in your replies to this blog and I will insure that your questions are addressed in future postings. In the near future we will have additional forms of communication available to insure all your questions are answered.

Linda Daichendt

Strategic Marketing Advisor


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