Sources for Start-ups to Find Employees

One of the many challenges a start-up company faces is finding the staff they need – at an appropriate experience level – when they typically can’t afford to pay them what they can command on the open market; additionally, finding people who are willing to stake their livelihood on a start-up company. 

The following sites are designed to help alleviate this challenge.  The goal of each site is to match start-up companies with job-seekers, consultants, free-lancers, etc. who are specifically interested in working with start-up firms – and in some cases are willing to work for equity.


One Response to “Sources for Start-ups to Find Employees”

  1. petrosianii Says:

    I found your blog through Linkedin surfing and it’s very nice. I also looked at the other blog about small business marketing when I was reading about new mobile phone technology. Also very well put together.

    Mobile marketing: That’s a new and exciting area. Wow, things are gowing so fast; can any of us really keep up with technology? We’ve been using Winksite.Com for our mobile website and email marketing; it’s good, but frankly, it needs a couple more features.

    On my “day” job, I manage a Web dev. department, and we’re going to soon be trying to figure out how to code a booking engine for mobile. Oy! wish us luck! We were hoping to beat the Hyatt to it, but ….

    I just wanted to add, two additional places to find employees: Craigslist and ELance. ELance is also excellent for newly-budding businesses (like ours) which need to locate first-time clients.

    Eric Bryant, Director
    Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications LLC

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