10 Things to Be Clear About Before Starting a Company

As more and more people turn to entrepreneurial ventures due to a lack of jobs in today’s economic environment, it seems prudent for those individuals to evaluate whether or not they are actually suited to be an entrepreneur – preferably before they start their new venture.

As those of us who have done it can attest, it’s not a life for the “weak of heart”.  Owning your own company will likely take over your life for AT LEAST the first 2-3 years of its’ existence, and if you’re not good at delegating, probably for the duration of its’ existence.  This is fine if it suits your lifestyle and that of the people in your life, if it doesn’t suit, you may want to consider whether or not entrepreneurship is really the best direction for you to go.

In my practice of working with existing and potential entrepreneurs, I have always found that it is best to speak frankly about the hardships of self-employment in order to “weed-out” those who really don’t want to make the necessary sacrifices once they have a clear understanding of what they are.  To aid in this effort, I am always in search of new tools to assist me when speaking with these individuals, and I found a great tool in a recent article in the New York Times entitled, 10 Things to be Clear About Before You Start a Company.  The complete article can be found HERE, and I would classify it as required reading for anyone considering starting a business.

If after reading the article you still believe entrepreneurship is right for you and you would like some assistance to get you started on the right foot, please contact us to schedule a FREE initial phone consultation so we can discuss your new venture, and evaluate ways in which we might assist you in increasing your chances for success.


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