Mobile Marketing: Could Your Business Benefit?

Multiple phones in hands - horizontalA recent BlogTalkRadio broadcast on our show Strategic Growth Concepts for Small Business focused on “Mobile Marketing” and consisted of an expert panel of nationally renowned mobile marketing industry insiders, including:  Kim Graham Lee, CEO of Vontoo; Matt Silk, Sr. VP of Waterfall Mobile; Kim Dushinski, President/Founder of Mobile Marketing Profits and author of ‘The Mobile Marketing Handbook’; and Michael Becker, Co-founder and VP of Mobile Strategies at iLoop Mobile and co-author of ‘Mobile Internet for Dummies’ and ‘Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies’.

Our panel provided a wealth of information on the different types of mobile marketing options, best practices, choosing vendors, industry trends, mobile strategies that perform the best, and examples of clients that have utilized mobile marketing effectively.  The consistent theme throughout the broadcast – “just get started, stick your toe in and try it out to figure what works best for your firm”.

Hear the completed broadcast at

For additional information on Mobile Marketing, or to learn how we can help you develop a Mobile Marketing campaign for your firm, please contact us via our website or email us at  Examples of a wide variety of mobile marketing campaigns can be found on our blog, Marketing with New Technology.


2 Responses to “Mobile Marketing: Could Your Business Benefit?”

  1. Josh Gordon Says:

    What types of mobile marketing do you think work best for small businesses? It’s interesting because there are so many ways to define “mobile” right now… M-Commerce, mobile coupons, mobile ads, mobile marketing, etc. Which do you think is best suited for small businesses?

    The Lunch Pail publishes articles on mobile marketing, too. If you’re interested, please check it out.

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