The Institute for Green Business Certification, Inc. (IGBC) Announces a Newly Created Division Designed for Small Business

ecologogreensealrecycled   The Institute for Green Business Certification, Inc. (IGBC) announces a newly created division designed for small business .

IGBC is believed to be the oldest accrediting organization to certify business practices using a comprehensive 38 page Audit with over 220 questions that is becoming a model for what it means to be a green business. The IGBC Audit evaluates the green initiatives of a business in 10 major categories: Waste Reduction, Recycling, Reduction In Office Material Usage, Purchasing, Energy Saving, Water Conservation, Pollution Prevention, Reduction In Chemical Usage, Proper Handling Of Pollutants, and Reduced Emissions.

“The cost to become a ‘Certified Green Business’ in the past has been prohibitive for small business because the IGBC process requires inspections by an Environmental Analyst”, said Garry Peterson, founder of IGBC. “Thus we created a new simpler Internet based model at a greatly
reduced cost for small business. The new model utilizes a newly created 21 page Audit”.  For explanation of the complete process please visit

To their knowledge there has been no legitimate certification process in place for small business, and small business represents the vast majority of business in the U.S.   Both Audits are far more than a simple checklist. They become a complete educational outline while educating a Green Work Place Committee and the owners as to the various ways they might become a greener business. To facilitate the process, IGBC and USGB provides a free ‘Green Calculator’ on both websites so the business owner may discover the operational cost savings by becoming a green business.

“Our goal from the beginning was three-fold,” said Mr. Peterson “1. To define and create a recognized set of standards for what it means to be a ‘Green Business’, 2. To provide a vehicle where environmentally aware companies can receive credit for their efforts (as opposed to companies claiming to be green. “Green-Washing”) and, 3. To create a true competitive /
marketing advantage for the business that is truly doing it’s part and can prove it by a recognized third party accreditation.  To the latter, both IGBC and USGB outline a suggested marketing strategy and send out third party
press release to IGBC’s extensive list of green contacts as well as to the list of media outlets that the client is asked to provide, resulting in a large amount of added publicity for the business. This act also spreads the word to the business community of the importance of ‘Going Green’. IGBC carries the highest possible BBB rating and has never had a complaint in over 2100


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