Strategic’s CEO Influences Technology Writer

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed for an article in Small Business Computing about customer relationship management (CRM) by a freelance journalist by the name of Gerry Blackwell.

When I spoke to Gerry about CRM and how it is being used by small businesses today, I immediately knew that I wasn’t giving him the type of information he was seeking for the article he was writing; he had been contracted to focus most specifically on the technology available today to facilitate the practice, and was looking for more of a comparison.  I, however, had a different take on CRM and small business and it was tied very closely to social media, regular interaction with customers thru web 2.0 technologies, and the need to educate small business owners about its’ value in contributing toward business growth.

During the course of the interview while I shared my thoughts, I wasn’t certain that Gerry was ‘getting’ what I was telling him or understanding the potential impact on small business.  However, I am pleased to say that when doing a regular Internet search to monitor references to my name or my company’s name, I came across an article that Gerry had written on his personal blog about our conversation.  I read the article and learned he had in fact, ‘got it’!  And – he had a great ‘take’ on what I was sharing with him.  Click HERE to read Gerry’s blog article as well as to access his link to the original Small Business Computing article which I have previously referenced in this blog.  If you have an doubt about the value of customer relationship management for your business, reading his blog article and the Small Business Computing article will clarify the value for you.


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