Strategic Growth Concepts Signs Author, Tony Rassini, and His Firm, ‘4 Family and Child’ as New Client

Strategic Growth Concepts to Provide Marketing/PR Consulting and Social Media Strategic Planning and Implementation Services for Rassini’s Book, “Dad, it’s time to tell the truth!” and Family Training Firm, ‘4 Family and Child’

4 Family and Child CEO, Tony Rassini, is 53-year-old ,three-times married father of four, grandfather of two who went from owning a multi-million dollar corporation in the Detroit, Michigan area to totally broke. He has spent the last seven years of his life living in other peoples’ basements and extra bedrooms, and has relocated across the country five times in an attempt to beat his personal demons and find a career thru which he could support himself and two of his four children who are still minors. His personal journey has resulted in the publication of the author’s first book, “Dad, It’s Time to Tell the Truth” which serves as the inspiration for the family-oriented training program, “Our Family Plan” offered by Rossini’s firm, 4 Family and Child. Rassini can be contacted at, and the company’s website can be viewed at .

Strategic Growth Concepts CEO, Linda Daichendt, states “We’re very excited to be able to be able to assist Mr. Rassini and his company.  When we learned about his book and his personal journey in writing it, we immediately felt it was a story that needed to be shared.  We believe many families can benefit from his experience, and we’re honored to be selected to share his message.”

Learn more about this client by reading the complete News Release.


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