Don’t Complain About Lack of Business From Social Media, if You Don’t Respond to Requests for Bids

You can probably tell by the title of this article that I have an issue, and I’m guessing from many other articles I’ve read and conversations I’ve had recently, that I’m not the only one!

Everyday it seems, I see a posting on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN from someone complaining that they’re not getting any business from social media.  And of course, their assumption is that the social media platform is to blame and that it couldn’t possibly be as productive as “everyone” says it is, because after all, they’re not getting any business from it.

Well, I would like to tell them WHY they’re not getting any business from it – based on my recent experience of requesting proposals from my network for work to be done for a client of mine.  I’m not going to identify the companies – or even what industry they work in – because I’d bet a good amount of money that this situation occurs frequently, in every industry, and I think alot of people can learn from it.

Recently, I needed a vendor to provide some professional services for a client of mine.  This is a client I have been working with for a number of years and they are very important to my business.  Additionally, I have been strongly urging them to become much more active in social media because it can provide them so many benefits for their company.

So, long story short, I went to my LinkedIN network to request proposals from my contacts who work in this specialty area.  I sent them individual requests that contained specific information on the company, the services I was looking for, my timeline for the proposal to be received and for the work to begin, etc.  I sent my request to 6 people in my network who I had frequently seen making posts on this topic which typically contained a short ‘request for work’ statement within them, and who appeared to have the qualifications and background I felt would be needed.

My first surprise was that I received NO RESPONSES for 3 days!

My second surprise was that the first response I received was from someone telling me that they didn’t think the job was appropriate for them and giving me the reason; instead of asking for clarification on some items to see if additional information would show that the job was suitable for their firm.  However, I’m persistant, so I responded with the un-asked for clarification and they did respond fairly quickly back that yes, they probably would be suitable for the job after all.  They would send me a pricing sheet that evening or the next day.  Great!  Except a week later, it has still not been received.

The second company response I received, a day later than the first one, indicated that yes they were interested in bidding on my project and would like to talk with me about it.  Excellent!  I sent back a note asking for dates/times they would be available, as well as their email address so I could send them an Outlook meeting invite for one of their selected times.  Almost a week later – NO RESPONSE!

And, my last surprise?  No more responses!  So out of 6 companies I contacted trying to give them work – apparently NONE of them need the business.

So now I find myself in a difficult situation.  I have a client who has money (which isn’t so common any more!); money they are willing to spend, for a service I’ve told them they need.  I told them I would go to my social media professional contacts to find them someone to provide these services.  Now I have to report back on my results.  Frankly, given my strong endorsement of how well social media can work, I’m pretty embarrased about what I have to report.  But I’ll get over it, and I’ll use another means to find them someone to provide the service.

However, I want to make this statement to those small business owners who are griping that they’re not getting any business from social media, “If someone offers you an opportunity to bid on work, YOU NEED TO RESPOND!”  Even if you don’t feel it’s work that is suitable for your firm, send a polite note back acknowledging the request and possibly refer them to someone more suitable.  You may not get their business now – but they’ll remember you – and you’ll get another opportunity to get work from them, or they’ll refer you to another potential client – because you conducted yourself professionally.

And here’s another point – if you are not actively engaging with your social media network, how can you expect to get work from it?  I’m still stunned that even though I sent personalized, direct, detailed messages there were 4 companies who never bothered to respond and the first company didn’t respond for 3 days!

My last point is, if you want social media to help you generate business, learn how to use it effectively.  Here is a link to a previous article I wrote on that topic, “The Social Media Mistake Most Small Business Owners Make“.

Okay, my rant is now done.  I hope it at least provides some benefit to those trying to do business with others in their networks; as well as to businesses who are saying they’re not GETTING business from their networks.


4 Responses to “Don’t Complain About Lack of Business From Social Media, if You Don’t Respond to Requests for Bids”

  1. Carla Bobka Says:

    Wow-what a miserable disappointment. Thanks for sharing. Put me in your stable of social media resource contacts. I will be happy to help next time you need it, and respond quickly.
    If you think it would help your client, they may want to receive a short weekly email on social media. It’s a quick how-to on 1 topic each month, aimed at time strapped business owners. Here’s a link to the archive, and to sign up if they’re interested.
    Continued success with the client!

  2. learnsmallbusiness Says:

    I totally agree with you about this statement. These are the same people that will sit up here and say that you can’t make money working from home. Great post. I would love to have you guest post on my blog sometime. It’s at

  3. Don’t Complain About Lack Of Results From Social Media If You Don’t Ask For The Work « Learn Small Business Says:

    […] just read a blog post about this topic here:… and was absolutely floored.  There’s no way you can say that social media doesn’t work […]

  4. StrategicGrowth Says:

    Hi Deanna –

    Thanks for your kind words. I would be happy to provide you with a guest post sometime. Please let me know if there is anything specific you’re looking for and how long it should be.


    Linda Daichendt

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